Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Work and family.Sunny days

So today is the day to meet our family (partially:))

We're very lucy to find an app. with back yard it is perfect for summer evenings, barbeque with friends and for our little "kids".
Please meet :
1) Uki-the oldest,but the smallest one.Likes a lot of hugs and kisses and pretend that she is the Princess looking for her Prince charming:)

2) Gaya- the new one,very playful and ruins everything on her way:)

3) Mika,the smartest one:) Also playful,but knows how to put your socks in the washing machine

4) Sky-the youngest,the only boy in our girl (dog) company:) Trying hard to be a real man

And when it's sunny outside we're going out,sitting on the couch and taking photos for our Etsy shop.

And these are results of our work, Zodiac signs collection:

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