Thursday, 16 February 2012

I'm only crochet when it rains

Since we were little we knew that rain means hot chocolate, striped wool blanket and a lot of cartoons:)

And now,when we have grown (a bit:)),we still love to be at home and to make something fun.
A few years ago we began to crochet, to create dolls without patterns,and it most fun- you never know who is it going to be,is it gonna be boy or a girl?A rabbit?May be a frog?Or a bear? What is he(or she) going to wear? How old is he going to be?

We like to create something new,that adds more colors in our lives,give us a new friend with his interests,stories and even hobbies:)

And when the rain is over we can go out with our new creations and tell their stories:

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