Sunday, 12 February 2012

DIY project.Last minute Valentine's day gift idea

If you,like us,were in hurry and forgot to make a special gift for Valentine's (and you don't want to buy another bear:)) this tutorial is for you ;)

You gonna need:

1) Small box- you can find it in craft shop
2) Lace or ribbon
3) Paint - red and white
4) Brushes
5) Scissors
6) Candies - we found heart-shaped in candy shop
6) Paper - we took a vintage style paper
7) Pen
8) Cotton swabs

Fisrt of all we need to paint an inside of the box with white paint, if you using an acrylic paint add few drops of water and it will be easer to work:)

While you're waiting for paint to dry,you can make some stupid pictures:)

Or start to think about your favorite quotes and phrases about love.
When you found some,you can start to write them :

Roll them:

Start to paint your outside with red paint:

When the box is dry,start to make dots,using cotton swabs:

Put candies and qoutes into the box:

Decorate with lace or ribbon:

And,finally you gift is ready:

Happy Valentine's day;)

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