Monday, 7 May 2012

Handmade Fair in Gan-Shmuel.Going North.

Hello everybody! It has been awhile since we last appeared here, that in general is understandable - if not the shooting, than the participation in trade fairs and preparing for them.
But “blogger” to us is one way of communication with the outside world, so we offer you a small report on the recent trade fair in Gan-Shmuel, in which we participated, and its all thanks to our wonderful friend, Sonya, who doesn't forget about us in such occasions. The place proved to be not bad - the surrounding nature pleasing to the eye and surrounded by familiar faces.

Our stay began with a nice lady, who bought from us four passport covers, which has given us optimism about the fair, and everything went  its normal course: people walking, just considering the exhibits, buyers with interest choosing their favorite toy or an ornament, people with whom by conversations, it was clear that they too are engaged in creative work.
So, two adult representatives of the last category, standing beside our table longadmired the quality of our work, which in itself was pleasant, that they bought at once four of our toys, of which two were of the latest collection, and one brooch. On our faces Began to shine a blissful smile that did not leave us till the end of the fair, the meaning of which probably consisted in the fact that we can, we do what we like and what we are buying.

And of course, the result was not only in the quantity of our products that we sell, but also in the amount of dealt business cards, which, in general, has said that people are interested by us.

Of course ... Photo Report towards this action, is attached as usual.

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