Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lovely house for our cuties

One of the important stages of preparation of the fair was the revaluation of placing toys on the table. It is not the first time, it becomes clear that the table must be organized more interesting.

And fortunately we have a very talented friend architect that decided to help us with our problem.
A few days later we got an email with a sketch of a magical house for our cuties

Of course, it is very hard to describe and explain the process of working , but overall it looked like this.

1) The construction of the layout of the board, so that allowed us to see all the details and scale of the house.

2) Preparation of the details from thick paper

3) Gluing

4) Painting, as it turned out, was the most difficult part.The spray paint does not came up and urgently had to find another kind of paint. After several unsuccessful attempts, we chose the conventional acrylic paint. An additional design detail was painted with a stone structure.

5) Last but not least- the roof. Made from  wooden skewers.

The entire construction took about a month to be built, and now, thanks to our friend, our cuties have found a real home :)


  1. Обалденный домик!!

  2. Фантастика! Я не знаю зачем, но мне тоже домик иметь захотелось....

  3. спасибо всем:)