Friday, 25 January 2013

DIY project.New idea for Valentine's day

I guess everyone is wondering what to do for Valentine's day special gift:)
Here comes a sweet and simple jar of hearts that can be perfect gift for you loved one,or just a interior decoration to your room.

You will need:
1. Jar
2. Fabric (suitable colors for the Valentine's day)
3. Lace or ribbon
4. Adhesive tape
5. Scissors
6. Fiberfill

Let's begin:
Cut a small paper heart ,according to your jar's size.
Pick the fabric, cut out the front and back parts on a prepared pattern.
(cut two details for one heart). Prepare 5 hearts.

Now the ribbon - Prepare five pieces of ribbon, according to  the depth of jar.

Put two pieces of heart together,insert the ribbon between the front and back.

Sew the details on the sewing machine (or by hand). Sew 3/4 on a path, fill the details
(You can use a hook or a pencil) with the fiberfill.
Well, after all just glue the rope on the inside of the lid (you can make different lengths for the ribbon, so it will be interesting)
That's all :)
You still have some time before the holiday ,so start trying:)

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